Stacie Weitzel

When my son was born almost 6 months ago, he took to nursing right away. And, just like my other two nursing experiences, I blistered across both my nipples immediately. I pushed through the pain because nursing is the most important thing I can give my son besides my love. Within a few months I began having supply issues - but like my other two experiences, it was "normal." I went on Ragelin to help my supply, and it did. But that help came at a price - and I went into a moderate to severe depression entirely created by being on that pill. But then I learned about tongue and lip ties and how they affect your supply. As it turns out, the severe discomfort that I was still experiencing, along with his sheer frustration at the breast, and my supply issues were all related to his tongue and lip ties! Grateful doesn't begin to describe what I felt towards Dr. A, and his office. They got me in quickly to get an official diagnosis, which confirmed what I learned, and we scheduled the appointment to remedy this situation 5 days later. From the consult to the procedure my son gained zero ounces. He continued to struggle at the breast, and his frustration was just mounting. If it hadn't been for this, I would have had to switch to formula the week after I found out about tongue and lip ties simply because I could tell he wasn't getting enough. Two weeks after the procedure at the check-up, my son has gained 5 oz, my supply is enough to keep him satisfied, he no longer clicks during feedings, he never pulls away in frustration and on a personal note, it doesn't hurt to nurse anymore! I have been known to describe breast feeding like this: imagine hooking up battery jumper cables to your nipples and then tugging on it for the duration of your nursing session, every time, every day, for weeks and months on end. As it turns out, that's not how it is at all! With his proper latch, I can barely feel him nursing. It is absolutely one of the best feelings in the entire world to know that my body is making what my baby needs in order to grow. I could not have that experience if it weren't for Doctor A. and his devotion to breastfeeding success. I am forever in his debt.

Lucy and Laci

My daughter, 17, has had recurring kidney issues. We live in Tucson, and trying to find a PEDIATRIC Nephrologist is like pulling teeth. It finally came down to an urgent need to be seen. He was the ONLY one with a staff that was caring enough to get her in quickly. From stepping into his office, we felt at ease. He has amazing metal artwork up that he himself has painted. The staff was courteous and professional, but kind as well. And Dr. Agarwal, well, I think that many Drs could take lessons from his approach in dealing w/ patients. It turned out that the kidney problem was treatable, but the way he explained it to us by drawing it out on paper, made it so much easier to understand. He was wonderful w/ my daughter and made her feel at ease w/ jokes, etc. I feel that he was/is worth the drive knowing that he will correctly diagnose my child and explaining it so all may understand. He's the BEST!

Courtney Giroux

My son was born on Thanksgiving morning 2012. I began having severe pain during breastfeeding within the first week but knew it was "normal" to have some soreness the first few weeks so I kept pushing through the pain since I did not know any better & the pain continued to get worse & by the 2nd week I started to notice my nipples starting to split open, this obviously was alarming, but didn't know if it was part of the "normal process" so I asked my midwife to look at them at our 2 week appt. she said it definitely was not supposed to look like that so she referred me to Lori Isenstadt, IBCLC. When he was about 3-4 weeks old I finally made an appt with Lori (should've done it right away!) the first thing she did was check his mouth and noticed he had a possible posterior tongue tie. She also examined me & basically said that where I was split open were exposed nerve endings (which explains why it was so so painful!) We worked on a couple things, like latch, first but after a week of TERRIBLE pain & more tears she said it was time to see a Dr about it. She referred me to Dr. Agarwal. Of course the time I was trying to get in was the week of Christmas so I was worried about not being able to get in for a while (pumping was just splitting me open more & even with all the pain I still wanted to nurse my baby!) but I shouldn't have worried, they got me in that week & even was able to fit me in for the procedure that week as well since they knew I wanted to get back to nursing ASAP. The NP was kind & was able to diagnose his Posterior Tie right away. Dr. Agarwal was amazing & made me feel very comfortable with how the procedure was goings to be performed, it was over before I knew it! I nursed him right after (this was with around 5 days of only pumping) and had I felt a decrease in pain right away. He had no bleeding at all, had no issues after, and healed great. I, unfortunately, had so much damage prior that the huge splits were not showing any signs of healing. I went & saw an OB to make sure there wasn't an underlying infection preventing healing....nope, no infection & he told me he really had no experience with damage with breastfeeding so the only advice he offered was, "you nursed him for 8 weeks, he got enough." And suggested I may have to quit breastfeeding! I started using a shield in the meantime while along the way hearing about how you can "lose" your nipples, or they can "fall" off! I ended up eventually getting referred to Laurie Jones, MD IBCLC. She was very helpful & took a big weight off my shoulders and told me that I WILL heal! It was still going to take time, but I WILL and I will be able to KEEP BREASTFEEDING! Yay! She did notice he had an upper lip tie as well which was causing his latch to be off so she suggested that it would help to go back to Dr. Agarwal again to have that done as well. So, about a month later, I was back in his office. Dr. Agarwal was very comforting each time we went to see him, he was very kind and encouraging. He knew how important it was for us to keep breastfeeding. I'm very happy to say that after a long road (close to 6 months!) I finally healed! And my little boy is now 7 months & I am fully weaned from the shield! I want moms out there to know it is OK to get some help in the beginning of breastfeeding, please see a lactation consultant! Even if it's just to make sure your latch is looking good, it can make all the difference! There were lactation consultants in the hospital I went to, but they can't always spend a lot of time with you & tongue/lip ties are not talked about often, and he was never checked for that by the LCs in the hospital. Had I gone to see someone earlier I could've prevented so much pain & suffering. This is something so simple to be fixed, and who knows how many mommas give up nursing because of THIS when they don't have to! I am very thankful to Dr. Agarwal and his office for his help & that he is able to help other mommas like me! Thank you!

Samantha K.

We had a very difficult time with breastfeeding and after multiple lactation consultant visits and trying just about everything, I was ready to throw in the towel. Finally, we met Debbie Gillespie, a wonderful lactation consultant who recognized that our son Liam had a tongue tie. She recommended that we see Dr. Agarwal. That was when our son, Liam, was almost 8 weeks old. Now, after Liam has had procedures for both his tongue tie and lip tie with Dr. Agarwal, we are nursing beautifully and we have no plan to stop any time soon. The frenectomy for his tongue tie helped with breastfeeding to some extent. However, the lip tie procedure really seemed to have made a huge difference. All of the pain that I was having quickly resolved and Liam really begain to enjoy breastfeeding. A few days after the procedure, it was like I was nursing a brand new baby! I recommend the procedures and Dr. A's expertise to everyone with similar issues. We can't thank Dr. Agarwal enough!


Dr. A was very personable and took the time to get to know my daughter and our situation. He had our best interest at heart. Tongue tie can be a real problem in a nursing relationship, and is something to be taken seriously.

April Ellis

April Ellis
I just wanted to take a minute to encourage new mothers out there not to give up on breastfeeding! After getting off to a rocky start, baby Kellan and I are now a success story. He was a great nurser, instantly latching on minutes after birth, but I was surprised that this \"natural\" process was so complicated! I quickly developed cracked, bleeding nipples. Baby was taken off the breast for a week so I could heal...I was to pump every 2 hours around the clock. They healed, but as soon as I put him back on they were bleeding again. Nothing helped, nipple shields, creams, a visit from LaLeche league. Dr. Agarwal discovered he had a tongue tie, so he was sucking too vigorously. Meanwhile, my milk supply was diminishing from only pumping. Dr. Agarwal released hios tongue tie, and baby was back on the breast later that day...well, sort of. He didn\'t recognize the breast after having bottles for so long. Desperate, I visited a lactation consultant referred to me by Dr. Agarwal\'s office. She was wonderful, and after an hour and a half of working with us...he was back on! The first week was rough, I wasn\'t sure of myself and he fussed at every feeding. Lots of tears were shed, but I refused to give up! Fast forward, Kellan is almost three months old now and we are a success story! I pump at work, and exclusively breastfeed the rest of the time. He gladly accepts a bottle, breast and pacifier. Breastfeeding comes easily for some, but not at all for most! Please ladies, hang in there, see a good lactation consultant and be patient, it is SO worth it for the health of your baby.

The Hall Family

THE BEST PEDIATRICIAN YOU COULD WISH FOR! Office is friendly and always available. Dr. A is amazing. Very attentive and excellent at his job. Has the bedside manner most doctors nowadays do not take the time out to do anymore. I have three children that have been in his care for the past 8 years and they love him. Would highly recommend should you be so fortunate to live near by.


Two weeks after the tongue tie procedure, we went forward with the lip tie procedure with Dr. Agarwal. This was performed one week ago. It has made a HUGE difference! It is like I am nursing a whole new baby! I finally know what nursing should be like! Everything is SO much better!! I want to thank you for all of your help and sticking by me for so long! I'll be in touch again in the near future. Take care, Samantha

Melissa Sandberg

I have used Dr. Agarwal since my daughter was born in 2005. He is absolutely THE BEST!! I would highly recommend him to anyone!

The Vitals

AMAZING DOCTOR AND BEDSIDE MANNER! I've been taking my children to Desert Ridge Children's Center for a while now and have loved all the doctors there, but we started seeing Dr. Agarwal specifically because of my son's kidney issues. I'll tell you what, he is truly amazing. He is one of the kindest, most genuine doctors I've ever met. He really cares about patients and also about the parents and how they are doing if all questions/concerns are addressed, and he also is extremely competent and knowledgeable. He is really what medicine should be about. He is in demand and is always busy, and sometimes we have to wait a bit to see him, but it is only because he takes his time with his patients. I highly, highly recommend Dr. Agarwal!

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