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The Agave Journey


The Journey Begins

May 2005 – Dr. A moves to Arizona.

July 2005 – Desert Ridge Children’s Center opens with 7 exam rooms.

August 1st 2005 – 1st patient seen.

1 employee.

1 provider.

0 patients.

Dr. A starts rounding at 5 hospitals in the valley.


Desert Ridge Children’s Center (DRCC), starts training Physician Assistant & Pediatric Nurse Practitioner students.

Dr. A discovers his passion for helping moms to breastfeed. “The Tongue Tie Project” takes root.

Diane Becker, CPNP joins the team after being a student at DRCC.

Victor Perfecto, MA joins. Handles front office, back office and referrals.

The practice starts to get recognition in the community.


Patients volume doubles from 2007.

Dr. Nichole Thomas joins the practice.

Brita Overly, PA-C joins the practice after finishing her Pediatric rotation as a student with DRCC.

Dr. A receives ‘Most Compassionate Doctor’ award.

Chris Cheaney joins as Office and Billing Manager.

LaDana Cook, LPN joins the team.

Maria Woods, LPN joins the team.


South location opens with 3 exam rooms. We call it Agave South.

Dr. Shawn Singleton joins as a provider.

Dr. A receives more awards: Most Compassionate Doctor, Patients Choice Award from Vitals.com, Phoenix Magazine Top Doc.

Victor moves to South, as a senior member of our team. He takes the Agave culture to the new office.

Val Pizano MA, Shelly Hunter MA, Tonya Bublik MA and Ruben Hernandez join the team.

Robin Lepker joins the billing team, after training as an extern with DRCC.


Double the patients from 2009.

Desert Ridge Children’s Center is outgrown. Move into new facility, now called AGAVE NORTH.

New growth with a new location – Double the exam rooms and staff.

Dr. A’s “Tongue Tie Project” matures with over 500 procedures performed. Scott Cheaney joins the project.

We receive more awards: Most Compassionate Doctor, Patients Choice Award from Vitals.com, Talk of the Town –excellence in patient satisfaction.

Dr. A shares tongue tie information with local providers.

Tami Barlow joins front office.



Agave South moves into a new bigger location, doubling the number of exam rooms and staff on hand.

A big year for new providers: Cynthia Harding PNP, Penny Lee FNP-C and Dr. Eric Noel joins the team.

Dr. A continues to receive Awards: Most Compassionate Doctor, Patients Choice Award from Vitals.com.

Tongue tie project is firmly established. Reached 1000 tongue tie procedures early in the year!

Jessica Perez, MA joins the back office team.


We doubled the patients from 2012.

Dr. A presents at conferences in Phoenix and Tucson on Tongue Ties.

1500+ tongue tie procedures performed.

Melissa Brown joins the team as Front Office Supervisor.

Chelsea Campbell joins front office.

Nancy Domenech joins billing team.

…and we keep growing

Our Team Members


Front Office (2014)


Administrative Assistant (2014)


Admin Supervisor (2010)


Administrative Assistant (2014)


Medical Assistant / Tongue Tie Project Coordinator (2011)


Office Manager (2009)


LPN/Administrative Assistant (2009)


Medical Assistant (2011)


Medical Assistant (2011)


Billing Specialist (2013)


Front Office/Referral Coordinator (2012)


Billing Specialist (2011)


Medical Assistant/South-Back Office Supervisor (2006)


Front Office

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Tongue Ties
Agave team members with 53 children at home
Decorations made by Dr.A on the wall himself
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Awards on the Wall of Fame :D
I just wanted to take a minute to encourage new mothers out there not to give up on breastfeeding! After getting off to a rocky start, baby Kellan and I are now a success story. He was a great nurser, instantly latching on minutes after birth, but I was surprised that this \”natural\” process was so complicated! I quickly developed cracked, bleeding nipples. Baby was taken off the breast for a week so I could heal…I was to pump every 2 hours around the clock. They healed, but as soon as I put him back on they were bleeding again. Nothing …
April Ellis
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The first days with your new baby should be ones filled with love and bonding.  For me, they definitely were; there were also tears and a considerable amount of worry.  My baby could not nurse.  In fact, the pediatrician at the hospital wanted to keep us longer in the hospital due to the feeding issue; although no explanation was given for what the problem was. Tongue tie.  I had never heard of it before having my baby.  My husband and I were told by our pediatrician the day after we came home from the hospital that our baby, Marli…
Christina Bitzer
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We are so thankful for Dr. Agarwal and the team at Agave Pediatrics! After a few weeks of constant nursing and poor weight gain we saw a lactation consultant that quickly found our daughter Maggie\’s tongue and lip ties, she was only able to take in 1oz or so at a feeding and constantly fell asleep at the breast, we didn’t realize it was because she was exhausted from working so hard to nurse. The LC gave us Dr. Agarwal’s information; we called right away and were able to get in for a consult that week. 
The consultation was great, the video was…
Meagan & Maggie
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Dr. Agarwal is a miracle worker. My son was diagnosed with tongue tie at one week old. We decided to have the procedure done because it was very important to me to be able to breastfeed and give that gift to my son. My son is now five months old and he has been breastfeeding exclusively since he was 1 1/2 months old. Thank you Dr. Agarwal!, without the procedure breast feeding would not have been an option. 
Tenisha Gibbs
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Breastfeeding offers not only  irreplaceable nutrition for your child, but also comfort. That’s something my son and I struggled with for the first seven weeks of his life. While in the hospital I knew something was wrong with my sons’ latch. Something as natural as breastfeeding shouldn’t be painful and almost impossible to do. Nevertheless, the pushy nurses told me that nothing was wrong with my child and I simply did not position him properly. I became so overwhelmed that at one point I considered not breastfeeding at all.  Towards the end …
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I wanted to take a minute out to give a small note of hope to mother’s who are currently struggling with breast feeding their children.  Please do not give up…your solution could be right here within Agave Pediatrics.  Dr. Argawal was a blessing to my son and I.  Upon his birth it was obvious that he was unable to latch on correctly and the nurses at the hospital blamed it on us needing more practice together.  My newborn cried for weeks due to being hungry and frustrated because he could not eat properly. I later found out that my son neede…
Danielle Escobedo
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Once again, we are so thankful for Dr. Agarwal and the team at Agave Pediatrics! We had previously seen Dr. Agarwal with our first daughter (poor weight gain, constant nursing, etc.) and he was able to diagnose and remedy her lip and tongue ties as well as be an incredibly kind and helpful doctor. I was really hoping that my second daughter would not have the issues that my first had but once we went to her first doctors visit and discovered she had lost 10% of her birth weight I had a feeling it would be the same. The day after her doctor’s…
Meagan & Briann
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