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The Agave Journey

Our History of Pediatric Care in Phoenix, AZ

Our history here at Agave Pediatrics started in 2005 when Dr. Rajeev Agarwal, MD first moved to the United States from his original home in India. Since those early years, our team has remained devoted to our core mission: Providing the best possible pediatric care in Phoenix. We believe in the importance of individualized and personalized care, and we focus on fostering growth and child development.

10+ Years of Serving Our Community with Compassionate Care

Learn more about our journey here at Agave Pediatrics:

  • 2005 – In 2005, we had one employee, one provider, and zero patients! In May, Dr. Agarwal moved to Arizona. In July, Desert Ridge Children’s Center opened with a total of seven exam rooms. In August, we saw our first patient. Dr. Agarwal began rounding at five hospitals in the valley.
  • 2007 – In 2007, Desert Ridge Children’s Center (DRCC) began training students in the physician assistant (PA) and pediatric nurse practitioner programs. After completing her time as a student at DRCC, Diane Smith, CPNP joined the team. Victor Perfecto, MA also joined the team to handle front office and back office work as well as referrals. This was also the year that Dr. Agarwal began to discover his passion for helping moms and infants with breastfeeding, and the “Tongue Tie Project” began to take root. The practice began to receive recognition within the Phoenix community.
  • 2009 – By 2009, our patient volume had doubled from 2007! At this time, Dr. Nichole Thomas joined our practice, along with Brita Overly, PA-C after completing her pediatric rotation as a DRCC student. LaDana Cook, LPN and Maria Woods, RN also joined the team, along with Chris Cheaney as office and billing manager. Dr. Agarwal received the award for “Most Compassionate Doctor” from Patients’ Choice.
  • 2011 – In 2011, our south location—Agave South—opened with three exam rooms. Senior team members Victor Perfecto and Ruben Hernandez moved to Agave South. Dr. Shawn Singleton joined the team as a healthcare provider, along with Val Pizano, MA; Shelly Hunter, MA; and Tonya Bublik, MA. Robin Lepker also joined the billing team after training as an extern with DRCC. Dr. Agarwal received several more awards this year, including the Patients’ Choice Award from Vitals.com, Phoenix Magazine’s “Top Doc” award, and “Most Compassionate Doctor” from Patients’ Choice.
  • 2012 – By 2012, our patient volume had again doubled itself from 2009! We had outgrown Desert Ridge Children’s Center and moved into a new facility known as Agave North. New growth with a new location meant double the exam rooms and double the staff. Dr. Agarwal’s “Tongue Tie Project” had become widely recognized with over 500 procedures performed. Our team received more awards, including “Most Compassionate Doctor” from Patients’ Choice, the Patients’ Choice Award from Vitals.com, and Talk of the Town’s award for “Excellence in Patient Satisfaction.”
  • 2013 – In 2013, Agave South moved to a larger location with double the number of exam rooms and staff members. This was also a big year for new providers, with Cynthia Harding, PNP, Penny Lee, FNP-C, and Dr. Eric Noel joining the team. The “Tongue Tie Project” was firmly established at this point, with the benchmark of 1,000 procedures performed reached early in the year. Dr. Agarwal continued to receive awards, including “Most Compassionate Doctor” from Patients’ Choice and the Patients’ Choice Award from Vitals.com.
  • 2014 – By 2014, we had doubled our patients from 2012. Dr. Thomas earned the prestigious Parents’ Choice Award. Our “Tongue Tie Project” reached more than 1,500 procedures performed, and Dr. Agarwal presented at conferences in Phoenix and Tucson on tongue ties. Our staff grew, with Melissa Brown joining the team as billing supervisor.
  • 2015 – In October, Dr. Traci Lombard joined our team followed by Stephanie Poterack, Nurse Practitioner. Our tongue and upper lip tie program now has more than 5,000 procedures under the belt!

We’re Still Growing! Thank You for Letting Your Child Grow With Us, Too.

There is nothing more precious to us than the trust our patients and their parents place in us. We believe strongly in the importance of human-to-human contact and experience—fostering growth and child development in our young patients with personalized care. Call our team today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about Agave Pediatrics.

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