August 21, 2014

Breastfeeding offers not only  irreplaceable nutrition for your child, but also comfort. That’s something my son and I struggled with for the first seven weeks of his life. While in the hospital I knew something was wrong with my sons’ latch. Something as natural as breastfeeding shouldn’t be painful and almost impossible to do. Nevertheless, the pushy nurses told me that nothing was wrong with my child and I simply did not position him properly. I became so overwhelmed that at one point I considered not breastfeeding at all.  Towards the end of my stay I told the last (I had 4 of them pay me a visit) lactation consultant that I was going to exclusively pump because breastfeeding was not an option. That’s exactly what I did for 7 weeks. I rented a hospital grade pump and woke up every 2 hours, pumped, washed bottles, equipment, rinsed and repeat. It was draining. I breastfed Matthew with a nipple shield for comfort sometimes and that was very painful as well.
One day, my soon took to the breast on his own and within a matter of days my nipples bled and the left areola had a big blister. I stopped breastfeeding and decided to contact a lactation consultant. At the first meeting she told me that not only did my son had a tongue and lip tie which prevented him from being able to breastfeed, but his jaw was not properly in place and it caused him to chew which accounted for the blisters.
Within a matter of days I set up an appointment with a chiropractor. Things improved, but I only noticed a big difference after Dr Rajeev performed the lingual frenectomy. It wasn’t easy to see my baby cry (mostly from getting scared), but it was worth it because I now pump only while at work. We also took care of the lip tie just to be safe and both my son and I are happy. Because of this procedure, I won’t stop breastfeeding at 12 months as originally planned. I will breastfeed for at least 24 months. Thank you Dr. Rajeev.

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