After Hours

We are available after hours to help you with issues related to urgent questions.

For EMERGENCIES please do NOT call us. Call 911!

After-hour calls may be assessed a $10 fee.

Before calling us, please check with your Insurance Company as most of them offer an after hours triage service at no cost to you.

As a matter of policy we do NOT call in antibiotics or other medications without in-person evaluation of the child.

Issues like injuries, rashes, breathing difficulties, wheezing, dehydration, ear infections, pneumonia etc. cannot be adequately assessed over the telephone. If you are concerned about these (or similar issues), the child should be evaluated at an Emergency Room or Urgent Care. Please keep in mind that it is difficult for providers to do a phone evaluation of your child’s illness. They may be best evaluated by a visit to the ER.

You do not need our permission to go to the ER. If the child looks sick enough to need medical attention, please feel free to take the child to the ER. We will see you for a follow-up appointment. If you feel comfortable taking care of your child overnight without going to the ER, please call the office in the morning for an appointment.

If you do have to contact our providers during the night or weekend, please have all the information available about your urgent concern and keep your phone line unblocked and available. It is easier for us to address particular concerns, rather than discuss general issues. Also remember that after hours, we do not have your chart available in front of us, and we are not able to pull your information up. Please have a pharmacy name and phone number ready.

After hours calls are for URGENT ISSUES ONLY and are not a time for advice about routine things such as feeding or general care of your child.

For routine questions, please refrain from calling us after hours. Calls received during regular office hours, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm, will be answered within 24 hrs or by the end of the workday.  If the after hours call volume becomes staggering with non-urgent questions, our availability to help you during regular business hours may be impacted.


Suggested Emergency Rooms for Pediatric Evening and Weekend Care:


Mendy’s Place Pediatric Emergency Room (located in John C. Lincoln Deer Valley Hospital)

19829 N. 27th Ave
Located west of I-17 and south of the Loop 101 at the junction of the freeways

Scottsdale Healthcare Shea

Pediatric and Adult ER

101& Shea

Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Pediatric Emergency Room

Hwy 51 & Thomas

Banner Thunderbird

54th Ave & Thunderbird

Banner Desert

Dobson & Southern

There are various urgent care facilities throughout the valley.

Please consult your insurance plan to confirm if a hospital or facility is covered.

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