Why do I blog?

A warm welcome to all my fellow travellers in their journey into the pediatric world. This is my first baby step into the big, wide world of electronic media. I was born as a pediatrician after twelve long years of incubation in medical school, residency and fellowship. It took me another twelve years in practice to learn how to roll over, crawl and now to take this first step into this uncharted territory. I am over my stranger anxiety and have learned to formulate words and ideas. As soon as I found I could communicate, I became obsessed with the idea of sharing all that I have learnt over the years as a parent and a pediatrician, with the families that I take care of. This blog is an attempt to bridge the gap between the perspective of a parent and a pediatrician. It is also for you to see a different aspect of practice of medicine and for me learn about your frustration with the medical system.
One of my favourite quotes is from Forrest Gump, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” I have been in the fortunate position of unwrapping that ‘box of chocolates’ for new parents, in the form of introducing them to the wonders of their sweetest gift ever- their baby! I would also like to ‘unwrap’ the myriad issues which parents face everyday in making choices for their child. Thus, I have chosen the title of this blog as ‘Childhood Unwrapped by Dr. A’.
I do not wish my blog to be a question and answer session or replace an evaluation by a physician and least of all to diagnose or manage your child’s condition. I would like it to be a forum to share information, views, philosophy, ‘latest and the greatest ideas’, controversies, but most of all, my take on things pertaining to pediatrics. Through this blog, I wish to create a chronicle of a pediatrician’s experiences, both personal and professional.
I have been studying different non- traditional disciplines of age-old medical healing systems, energy work, mind-body medicine etc. for quite some time now, and I would like to share my views and experiences with all the readers of this blog, and also encourage them to do the same. I sincerely hope, my readers will understand the spirit of my endeavour and join me in my journey in discovering the joys of being a parent or being a part of a child’s life in some way or form.
I would love to see your participation and greet comments.

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